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Torture Cc

Pain and pleasure are entertwined inside this forbidden dark dungeon. The girls are tied up and tortured by their captors and they're completely helpless to their torments. Rope bondage, waxing, flogging, clamps, and tons more are found in this brutal bondage kingdom. Chicks are punished for their every misdeed by evil masters who get a thrill in hearing them scream.

Torture Com

You can bet that the tears rolling down the eyes of these tortured beauties are real, and you can bet that you won't have to pay any membership fees at this site, because everything's connected to their video on demand system at! Clamps and metal tools are bringing the pain to these poor souls, and guys get their genitals tied and even their asses beaten in raunchy action you don't want to miss.

Intorture InTorture

These hot torture scenes feature girls that are getting tied up and tormented. They've got some sexy bondage scenes, whipping, hot wax, nipple torture and all sorts of torments. These poor girls are at the mercy of these guys who are torturing them without relent. They undergo some severe punishments at the hands of their captors who love to hear their screams.

Wax Punishment Wax Punishment

These kinky bitches love pouring hot wax all over their male slaves' bodies. They know exactly what they want - they want to hear their men scream. Sexy femdom videos of women who torment their men all over their nude bodies with hot wax. These guys will beg for mercy as their women teach them real submission.

Wax TortureBDSMFemdomFetish
Wax Punishment Wax Punishment

These kinky bitches love pouring hot wax all over their male slaves' bodies. They know exactly what they want - they want to hear their men scream. Sexy femdom videos of women who torment their men all over their nude bodies with hot wax. These guys will beg for mercy as their women teach them real submission.

Wax TortureBDSMFemdomFetish
Brutal Tops Brutal Tops

Cruel, mean and relentless, those words sum up the Brutal Tops. These skilled dominant men take out their sexual frustrations on these submissive bottoms. Brutal tops session videos are optimised to also play on apple devices & smartphones and updated every thursday.

Brutal Ball Busting Brutal Ball Busting

These evil ball busting chicks love to grab a guy by the nuts and take a squeeze! They'll really brutalize his genitals in some cock and ball torture and kicking in the crotch. These guys love to be dominated and these evil mistresses get wet off of their pain. Step up and watch these videos that will have you crossing your legs for sure.

Shotgun Video Shotgun Video

Sadistic torture chambers for men who love men and have nice cocks! Here on this site you will see torture at it's fullest and feel the need to get a piece of that ass yourself! Grab your cock and get ready to jerk off because this is some hot action you won't be able to handle on your own!

Tickle Horror Tickle Horror

These very naughty girls are getting a punishment like no other. They are pinned down and tickled until they're practically crying. These rare and hard to find tickling fetish videos are presented in high quality, downloadable format so that you can save each one of them to your hard drive and watch over again.

Absolute Cruelty Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty is female domination taken to an extreme like you've never seen before, the place where handsome fit men are ruined by cruel women. Watch as these women put these men in their place. Female Domination as it should be. Session videos optimised to also play on Apple devices and smartphones - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MP4, WMV, Flash.

Your Tickling Your Tickling

This awesome fetish site is a laugh a minute! Full length tickling films showing girls who are tied up and tickled mercilessly. They are completely at the mercy of their captors as they take a brutal tickling that will leave them in tears. Underarm, rub, and even ass tickling are all shown inside.

Cbt And Ballbusting CBT And Ballbusting

Look out men, these women are out for vengeance! They will show no mercy as they turn the torture on the cock and balls of their male victims. See girls stretching mens' balls, putting clothespins on them, and even kicking them in the crotch. These men will barely be able to endure this brutal cock and ball punishment.

European Femdom European Femdom

These sexy European chicks don't take any shit from anyone, especially their slaves! They love to dominate, and they love showing how much power they can wield at Euro Femdom! Watch them put their slaves through torture and humiliation, whether they're whipping them, slapping them around, sitting on their face, peeing on them, making them worship their feet, and more all in the name of hardcore FemDom action!

Top Pain Top Pain

These are absolutely the most shocking BDSM videos that you have ever seen in your life. There are no safe words here, nothing but the most taboo, torturous fetish and kinky bondage. They've got pins and needles, clamps, clothespins, weights, and all sorts of other devices for pussy and tit torture. These girls will never be the same after their encounters with these sick dungeon masters.

The Training Of O The Training Of O

Be careful, don't sit too close to the monitor! Welcome to the dark kinky world of The Training of O - the site with girls and women who decided to become a slave and belong to their master! You will see the whole process of them becoming a slave since the moment they came till the moment when they became a 100% slave. Lots of bondage, spanking, torturing, dick sucking forcing, hardcore fucking and more...

Siberian Bondage Siberian Bondage

How do you think is there any limit in torturing your slave, causing pain and suffer, be merciless to their flesh? Or there is a limit of your imagination? Here you'll see masters whose imagination is endless, whose tortures are merciless so that devil can learn some tricks these people can do.

Whipped Pussy Whipped Pussy

There's only one way that these babes are going to learn to be completely submissive, and that's through extensive torture and punishment to prove to them just who is boss. And you'll get to see it every step of the way at Whipped Pussy, one of the largest purveyors of women being abused while in complete bondage. You won't believe just how out of hand this BDSM content can get, and how enjoyable it can be to watch it unfold.

Insane Bondage Insane Bondage

The kinkiest and most twisted bondage action that you could imagine. They have both male and female slaves who are getting their just punishments. Lots of bondage devices, floggings, torture, suspension, gagging, and a lot more inside. Plus they have over 6500 bonus XXX DVD movies for you to download.

Gay Bondage Pay Per View Gay Bondage Pay Per View

Don't join a full site with a bunch of content you don't wanna see, this is the wave of the future, you only purchase what you want to view. Pay-per-view movies have hit their way to the porn market and now you can take advantage of everything they have to offer inside this amazing gay BDSM site. See boys bound and completely helpless by their masters, hear their screams as they get the punishments they deserve.

Pain Becomes Pleasure Pain Becomes Pleasure

Cruel dungeon masters inflict ultra pain on their submissive slaves. The sluts start out in great pain and then they learn to love their torments like sweet candy! Totally sick BDSM, bondage, flogging, torture, and tons of other bizarre punishments that will leave your jaw hanging open. These nasty sluts take such abuse and come out aroused in the end!

Undisciplined Subs Undisciplined Subs

These subs were never trained properly in the first place and now they're acting out. They have now met up with their match and their captors are taking no shit. You can see them taking brutal disciplines as they are trained to behave properly. Bondage, whippings, waxing, torture, and all sorts of humiliations to get these slaves to act the way they should.

Punishment Bitch Punishment Bitch

Lady Sonia is not going to take any attitude from anyone! She loves to inflict a much needed punishment on any girls inside who need an attitude adjustment. Sexy exclusive scenes of girl on girl fetish and punishment. Over the knee spankings and impact play between Sonia and her favorite playmates.

Hardtied Hardtied

These girls are all bound up and given forced orgasms against their will. They are completely immobile by professional rope work and gags that keep them at bay. Their pussies will be left like a quivering mess as they are forced to orgasm over and over again. Plus suspensions, impact play, tits and pussy torture, and all sorts of other BDSM fun.

Sadistic Bondage Sadistic Bondage

You'll be left with your mouth hung open wide as you see the sick and twisted shit they do inside this mega fetish site. Nipple torture, bondage, waxing, flogging, and tons of other sadistic fetishes that will make you squirm. Thousands of shocking bondage pictures and videos and other hard punishments that will make you cringe with pleasure.

Bound Gods Bound Gods

Hot gay male bondage and sex featuring hunky studs who are tied up and dominated. Exclusive scenes of these sexy men in all sorts of rope bondage, whipping, gay sex, and all around kinky action. They choose gay muscle men and daddies to be their hot subjects on the site and it's an all around kinkfest with these muscle bound men.

Girls Of Pain Girls Of Pain

These filthy little whores love to get tortured and punished by their captors! See these little sluts getting the true punishments that they've earned. Sexy fetish and BDSM torture scenes with nipple punishments, pussy torture, spanking, bondage, and more. This is the site you wanna check out to explore your darkest fantasies.

Weird Sex World Weird Sex World

Inside the offer the most weird and bizarre sexual images that you'll ever see. Fetishes, throat fucking, gagging, torture, bondage, and all sorts of dark violations. After seeing these bitches getting tortured, your mind will never be the same. No limits, no stopping, no safewords, these sluts are getting what they deserve!

Mp Fetish MP Fetish

Sexy fetish videos that are showing girls bound up and tortured. They are at the mercy of their captor and they don't know when their punishments will be over! See the most sick and twisted videos with girls who are completely abused with pussy torture, nipple torture, and all sorts of torments!

Lesbian Kinkdom Lesbian Kinkdom

This erotic world of lesbian fetish videos shows off girls who are dominating other girls. These sexy scenes have real lesbian femdom which includes spanking, bondage, rubber fetish, torture, pissing and more. These are some of the most shocking BDSM scenes imaginable so they aren't for the weak! See just how cruel these mistresses can get with their slave girls.

Pain Vixens Pain Vixens

These girls are no stranger to pain. They know just how to tolerate some of the most extreme acts imaginable. See them tied up and tortured by their masters who show no mercy. Bondage, pussy torture, nipple torture, waxing, flogging, and more. These girls will learn to behave or their master will punish them.

Top Grl Top Grl

These femdom scenes show off girls who are dominating other girls. These evil mistresses really love to watch their female puppets squirm. See them tied up in rope bondage, gagged with a ball gag, smothered, suspended and all sorts of other kinds of torture. These women get wet knowing that they have total domination over these other girls, it makes them feel powerful.

Fetish Puzzle Fetish Puzzle

Full length fetish movies to unlock your hidden kinky desires. Leather clad babes, totally hot bondage, slave training, torture devices, and tons more. Plus kinky rubber and latex fetish with hardcore that will knock your socks off. Download hours and hours of exrtreme and taboo movies that are yours to keep forever from this sexy cyberdungeon.

Shadow Slaves Shadow Slaves

The slave girls inside are pushed to their absolute limits by their masters. They are in training and they will certainly learn their lesson. Tons of bondage, humiliation, domination, sadism, torture, and lots more inside. This site is NOT for those who like light bondage, it is the most twisted and sick BDSM site you'll ever find.

Dark Sins Dark Sins

It's the dark realm where pain and pleasure collide. Forbidden acts of brutal torture and taboo fetishes are all explored in this dark dungeon of fetish. These helpless slaves have intense pain and punishment to look forward to in over 15,000 photos and 550,000 explicit BDSM videos. Bondage, spanking, clamps, needles, and other acts of torture featured inside.

Wired Pussy Wired Pussy

Gorgeous women are helplessly bound and administered a small shock on their twats until they have a mindblowing orgasm. Totally torturous bondage content featuring women completely dominated by other women. Bizarre electroshock, insertion, bondage, suspension and other torture of these defenseless women getting seriously put through the ringer by their captors.

Trans Hentai Trans Hentai

Can you picture hentai site with beautiful shemales? Ok, don't torture your imagination I can't make it more simple - just visit to enjoy a fantastic collection of Hentai shemale pictures and videos, I was really impressed by drawings quality and quantity!

Club Bizarr Club Bizarr

The most bizarre fetish action that you've got to see to believe. Totally kinky action such as bondage, torture, spanking, latex and rubber, and tons more. All fetishes are explored inside - you can indulge yourself in your darkest fantasies in the privacy of your own home! Tons of categorized fetish images and videos that are fully downloadable.

Tickle Asian Tickle Asian

I'm sure the first thing that came across these Asian girl's minds when they were being stripped and tied up nude was that they were going to be abused or fucked. But being tickled uncontrollably may be some of the worst punishment they've ever been forced to take! At Tickle Asian, you're going to hear nothing but out of control laughter, as their bodies shake and squirm while their mouths giggle.

Infernal Restraints Infernal Restraints

These girls are hogtied and forced into sex in these bondage dungeons. Their masters really know how to give them the punishment that they deserve. These girls are tortured, punished, humiliated and completely bound and gagged. These are shocking BDSM videos unlike others you have seen before, these girls are really shown no mercy.

Bound 4 You Bound 4 You

These girls are bound up and helpless as they are taught how to be a good slave. Hear their muffled screams as they are gagged and taught a lesson. Tons of kinky action with slaves who crave a good punishment and masters who are more than happy to give it to them. Sexy BDSM footage not for the weak!

Slaves To Pain Slaves To Pain

These kinky bitches like it rough and extreme. They'll get dominated by their masters in a ton of kinky BDSM action. See girls bound and gagged while they're tortured by the man who shows them who's boss. These girls are being taught an extreme lesson that they'll not soon forget!

Dungeon Masters Dungeon Masters

Uncover hidden fantasies that you never even knew you had! Inside this kinky dungeon, you'll get to see some of the most bizarre fetish acts and twisted sex that you can imagine. Break through to the taboo and experience the things that lurk in the darkest depths of your mind.

Rope Porn Rope Porn

These naughty teens have no idea what's in store for them inside! These girls are experiencing their first bondage session and they are really tied up and tortured. Their tormentors are showing them no mercy when it comes to titty torture, pussy torture, and all sorts of exotic punishments.

Michelle Brookes Michelle Brookes

Whatever your fantasy is, no matter how kinky or out there it is, you better believe that it's one of Michelle Brookes favorite things to do, especially if there's a camera on! She may be a young little thing, but she is wise beyond her years when it comes to fetish action! From spanking to bondage, strapon to sploshing, gagging and abuse and torture, all of it makes her pussy drip with excitement!

FetishDominationTied upKinky
Extreme Ball Busters Extreme Ball Busters

These girls are showing no mercy as they trample, punch, bite, and pinch these guys' balls! These poor men are at the mercy of these women who control their balls. Hot cock and ball torture inside with guys who love to get kicked in the groin. This fetish site will make you experience the pure pain of ball torture.

Captive Male Captive Male

Captive Male lets you in on all the Hot Dominas punishing and abusing their worthless slaves. Members will receive access to 267 video clips and 8,057 pictures; each feature averages 40 minutes, in WMV & QuickTime, with no DRM limitations. Plus, members enjoy bonuses, such as; weekly updates, behind the scenes footage and an active forum run by the director.

Femdom Time Femdom Time

Proceed with care! Once you see the cruel tortures on this site, you're never gonna be the same. These evil women are putting these men through the most brutal tortures you can imagine. Anal insertions, cock and ball torture, whippings, and tons more. Totally depraved pictures and videos of these guys getting put through hell and these evil women love every minute of it!

Mighty Mistress Mighty Mistress

These wicked women love to punish their female slaves in some kinky femdom action. They've got bondage, nipple and pussy torture, enemas, and all sorts of other evil punishments inside. All of the pics and videos are in the highest definition for optimum viewing. Over 3300 exclusive scenes with thousands of models.

Ebony Femdom Videos Ebony Femdom Videos

This is something rare that you don't see very often. These are ebony mistresses that treat their male slaves to a day of torture and punishment. These beautiful ebony goddesses make these men worship their punishments and beg for more. There is plenty of spanking, cock and ball torture, trampling, bondage, gagging, and other tortures from black dominas.

Femdom Violations Femdom Violations

These poor men don't even know what they have in store for them as their cruel mistresses really put them to the test. They've got hours of cock and ball torture, impact play, bondage, and all sorts of humiliations. You can see guys taking the ultimate humiliation as they are fucked by their mistress wearing a strapon and making them take it up the ass.

Fucked Up Handjobs Fucked Up Handjobs

These chicks aren't just tugging cock, they're giving a crazy handjob in all sorts of creative ways. These little whores like a little bit of kinky in their lives. These girls have total control of the cock just how they like it and they've got these guys in all sorts of crazy situations while they stroke their meat.



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